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Getting Funded Is Based On Your Funding Profile Score.
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We Help Real Businesses Get Funded. 


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Tailored Options We Offer

Each Funding Solution Is Ready When You're Ready. 


Real Estate Funding

Your real estate project is important. Be confident and know that your vision is coming to life with the funding you need right now. We leverage our network of lenders to get you funded. 

  • New Construction
  • Fixer-Upper
  • Refinance
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Business Line of Credit

Smooth out cash flow fluctuations by using the LOC to cover short-term expenses during slow periods. Use a LOC to cover operational costs while waiting for payments. Fund renovations or upgrades to improve facilities, and technology. Use the LOC strategically to manage interest costs more efficiently than a continuous term loan.

  • Working Capital
  • Bridge Financing
  • Accounts Receivable

Business Credit Card

Convenient and flexible solutions for business needs. Use the business credit card to cover day-to-day operational expenses, such as office supplies, utilities, and fuel. Use the card for unexpected or emergency expenses that need immediate attention. Use it to pay suppliers, especially when negotiating discounts or cashback offers.

  • Everyday Expenses
  • Travel Expenses
  • Supplier Payments
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Business Loan

Invest in marketing campaigns, advertising, and promotions to reach a wider audience and attract more customers. Consolidate high-interest debts, such as credit card balances or other existing loans, into a single, more manageable loan. Use the funds for renovating or remodeling business premises to create a more appealing and functional environment.

  • Technology Upgrades
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Debt Consolidation and Training

Get To Know Us

We take pride in our ability to help provide financial funding to businesses. We have efficiently streamlined the application processes with quick approval and funding timelines to meet urgent financial needs. We keep up to date with solutions for businesses in specific industries, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Our efforts adhere to industry regulations and data security standards, protecting the privacy and financial information of businesses. We help provide Tailored financing solutions to meet the specific needs of individual businesses, recognizing that one size does not fit all. We win when you win. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Securing funding with you guys was a game-changer for my retail business. Their streamlined application process and personalized approach made it easy for me to access the capital needed to expand my inventory and reach more customers. The competitive rates and flexible repayment options have allowed my business to thrive. I highly recommend your team to fellow entrepreneurs seeking financial support.

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I can't thank you guys enough for believing in my tech startup. Your team understood the unique challenges of the industry and provided funding tailored to our needs. The quick approval process and reasonable terms allowed us to scale our operations and invest in cutting-edge technology. The ongoing support and communication have been outstanding. You truly helped turn our vision into reality.

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Our manufacturing business faced a crucial moment, and your team stepped in with the perfect solution. Their understanding of our industry, coupled with a straightforward application process, made the funding acquisition seamless. The capital injection enabled us to invest in advanced machinery and increase production capacity. Enrison has been a true partner in our success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

What Types of Funding Options Do You Offer?

Our role is to be a matchmaker between business owners and loan products that meet specific funding needs. We speed up the timeline to funding by connecting business owners with banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, online lenders, and peer-to-peer lending platforms.

What Are the Interest Rates and Fees?

We benefit your business by providing access to a wide range of funding options. We have the expertise to navigate the lending landscape and find the right loan products for your specific needs. We can enhance your funding experience and save you valuable time by simplifying the application process, thereby improving your likelihood of successfully obtaining the funding you need. We collect a one-time 10% fee of your funded amount. 

How Quickly Can I Get Approved and Receive Funds?

In most cases, 24 hours after all of your paperwork has been submitted and reviewed by underwriting. 

What Are the Repayment Terms?

After linking you with one of our funding partners and securing approval for your funding application, we will enable you to proceed with managing your repayment arrangement directly with our funding

What Are the Qualification Requirements?

Our funding partners will run your personal credit for owner verification and look for specific business documents during the simple application process. 

What Happens in Case of Default or Financial Difficulty?

Once approved and funded, your relationship with our funding partner is 100% yours. It is best to notify your funding company support team, so you can be guided with next steps. 

Know everything you need to know.